“Our entire family has been graced with experiencing first hand the recordings and concerts of the incredibly gifted Eric Genuis. Words cannot convey the truly captivating, mesmerizing power his compositions have to embrace the soul emotionally, intellectually, purposefully. Each piece he presents showers a person with his personal interest, respect and love. Our household actually feels incomplete without the serenity and vigor of his music playing on a loop in the background!”
–Kevin and Steffiana James, actors (The King of Queens, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Zookeeper, Hitch, Grown Ups)


“What a pleasure to listen to not only a world class pianist and composer, but an artist whose music translates beyond its genre to lift the audience to belief and hope in the power of the human spirit. I have been honored to be present at several of Eric’s concerts. Every time with every unique audience nuance, those present felt the power of Eric’s music and his words clearly elevated people.”                  –Jim Caviezel, actor (Passion of the Christ, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Thin Red Line, Frequency, Person of Interest)


–Maestro Allan Wilson, Conductor, Slovak National Symphony Orchestra


“I served eight years in the Marine Corps including three deployments to Iraq. I have suffered greatly with many problems resulting from post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. The music of a man named Eric Genuis has brought great peace to me.  I have not had this kind of peace in my life in many years.  I attended a live concert by Eric Genuis and it brought more healing than anything thus far.  My life was clearly changed and touched the day I saw his concert.  Thank you so much, Eric.  This was a great gift.” –-Corporal Brent Wood, USMC


“What a refreshing and new approach to music. Eric’s creations are moving, but exhilarating, thoughtful, but so enjoyable. You just want to listen to them over and over again.” –Stephen McEveety, Executive Producer (Braveheart, We Were Soldiers, The Passion of the Christ)


I was introduced to Eric’s music by a close friend Grant Cramer. I was very impressed with Eric’s sense of melody, his orchestrations and his overall musicality. I remain a fan and look forward to him being more broadly discovered and to watching as his audience expands and appreciates his fine talents.”       –-Joel Sill, Music Supervisor (Forrest Gump, Cast Away, An Officer and a Gentleman, and Munich)


“I have been involved in music all of my life. From a musician’s perspective, Eric Genuis’ music is brilliant – superbly crafted, unique in style, and expertly performed. Overall, Eric is in the business of creating musical masterpieces that please the mind, the heart and the senses.” –John Debney, Film composer (Iron Man 2, Evan Almighty, Spy Kids, The Three Stooges)


“I have loved music all my life, but after hearing Eric Genuis in concert recently, I have an appreciation for music I never had before. It was a unique experience that changed how I listen to music and how music affects my life.” –Mark Bauman, Chief Operations Officer, Starz Encore Group Network


“The musical work of Eric Genuis is among the most exciting music I have played in years! His unique talent of combining classical and pop styles with original lyrics and a vocalist renders a result for the listener that is absolutely captivating. The piano, played by Eric Genuis is both musically sensitive and magical. The great variety in the instrumentation, the creativity of the compositions, and the high level of artistry of the performers provides one high after another. When you hear this music, it will reach your heart and will have you on your feet!” –Wiilliam Pfund, President of the International Trumpet Guild


“I can’t even begin to tell you in words what last night’s experience did for me and for so many others I’ve seen and even heard from today who attended last night’s concert. WOW! I had phone calls from people today that just had to call to share how thankful they were for being able to experience such BEAUTY as they did last night.  So thank you! Thank you for asking me and pursuing me to have IC host Eric and this incredible experience!” –Houston Concert Attendee


“The performances given by Eric have completely revitalized our school.  We’ve never had a performance of this caliber.  We did not just hear beautiful music; we were graced with the language that transforms the soul.  His stories uplift the human spirit and make his compositions that much more powerful.  We are already planning his return.” –Headmaster of private school in MN


“Music is this space where musicians take us to contemplation, to perceive the gaze and to catch a glimpse of this profound awe that overwhelms us.  To create this space there has to be the intention to go and to take us there and to share a moment in time which is in itself timeless and spaceless.  You took us there, Eric.  We are the ones who have to be thankful.” –-Review by attendee of private concert in Houston, TX


“What a wonderful and successful event Eric Genuis’ recent concert in Houma, Louisiana, proved to be! Genuis’ exquisite music and powerful message resonated with everyone present.  From pieces full of vigor and intensity to tender songs with touching lyrics, people of all ages were enthralled by the caliber of the musicians and renewed in hope by Genuis’ message.  Children, captivated by the performance, approached the musicians with a sense of wonder after the concert to collect autographs and ask questions.  One teen, who admitted coming to the concert halfheartedly, kept repeating, “It was SO good,” and went home happily holding every one of Genuis’ CDs.  Adults enthusiastically raved about the talented soloists and left refreshed and inspired.  Genuis’ profound music and sincere, unassuming approach with the audience is something everyone will remember.”   –-Professor Madeline Cagle, Louisiana


“Mr. Genuis, the Orange County Corrections Department, Youthful Offenders population, would like to express our thanks and gratitude for the awesome performance on May 15, 2013.  Words cannot express the passions, emotions and beauty that was displayed during the concert.  The young ladies who accompanied you are a tribute to the possibilities that we have choices for positive change.  As you and the group performed, I saw tears and expressions of joy flooding the souls of these young people, as well as the adults.  The song Butterfly is so beautiful and takes the senses to another place in time.”            –Diane Johnson-Carwise, and Angeli Williams, Sr. Community Corrections Officers


“I have always deeply loved and felt music, as a bit of a musician myself, but I was not prepared for what I heard and saw.  I heard music that was fit for angels, with such soul moving melodies that I will never forget them.  His accompaniment was brilliant with jaw-dropping talent.  What I saw were my friends and neighbors, including children, that were spellbound and motionless. At one point I looked around and saw everyone with tears in their eyes, so moved by the music and lyrics that we were all crying.  Prepare to have the ground beneath your feet shake when you witness this.  I have since heard him several times, and it is the same experience every time.”            –Concert Attendee, Houston, TX


“Thank you for the 90 minutes of freedom.”, “I forgot where I was for the past two hours.”, “I forgot what hope felt like.”  — heartfelt comments shared with Eric by inmates after prison concerts


Peace be upon you,
my name is enrique and i wanted to personally Thank You for the most Wonderful Concert you gave on August 30, 2009 at the T.D.C.J. Estelle Unit/Regional Medical Facility in Huntsville, Tx. Mr . Genuis i don’t know if you knew this but that prison you visited was full of men dying from various diseases, the blind, the deaf, the physical and mentally handicapped. i was legally blind and so i was assigned to that unit. i have since been released after 6 years and i am now visually corrected. the reason i am telling you this is because i want you to truly understand what your Concert meant to me and i am but just one man in a large packed crowd that few have ever met except for your musicians and how much that moments residual will last a lifetime. it was up until your visit, that i had never experienced another persons love for the least of society. family visits in prison are rare for the majority. i know that any given weekend that 3 out of 50 men would get a visit. it was up until your visit, that i had never experienced another persons love for the least of society. i met men who outlived every relative, men such as myself whose wives found other husbands. i had lost everything and everyone that made up my life. i think the most intense and constant pain was the mail call on weekdays, it is truly possible to be packed like a sardine and be completely lonely. i am not sure what was most memorable that day; the love for humanity in the eyes of all those beautifully talented professionals or the music that none of us has ever heard. your music ministered to the heart and soul and its healing brought hope in a world of concrete, steel, and razor wires. i actually kept two programs for two reasons. i never wanted to forget that moment and second reason was that i couldn’t decide which papers brilliant color was the best. yes its unusual to see another sheet of paper other than white. one thing is for sure is that i never want to forget what it feels like to love the undesirables. it was from that moment on that i actually listened to classical music and found an inborn fondness that i can not deny. there’s no way any of us prisoners could repay you for your service. i can only thank you for all my fellow inmates who all of us stood clapping and whistling even minutes after you and the other members had left.                                   In Messiah, enriquecer153″                                                    –Letter from grateful inmate to Eric