Upcoming Concerts

March 2017 Initerary

Friday, Mar 10
1 pm
Fargo North High School (private)

Evening concert
Cass County Jail (private)

Saturday, Mar 11
12:15 – 1:45 pm
REDEEMED Beloved Daughter Women’s Conference (open to conference attendees only)

5:45 pm
Communion mediation for women’s conference

Sunday, Mar 12
Morning concert for Veterans

REDEEMED Benefit Concert (private)

Monday, Mar 20
Morning concert veterans suffering from mental illness, drug addiction, and hospice for veterans at end of life (private)

1 pm
St. Dominic School (private)
Springfield, KY

7 pm
St. Dominic Catholic Church
303 W Main St.
Springfield, KY

Tuesday, Mar 21
Morning concert at men’s prison

Afternoon concert at youth prison

Evening home concert (private)

Wednesday, Mar 22
Morning school concert (private)

Marion correctional center concert (private)

Thursday, Mar 23
Morning WAVE Country TV Performance

Afternoon concert at women’s prison

Friday, Mar 24
Soothe the Soul – Support Veterans with Compassion
The Clifton Center
2117 Payne Street
Louisville, KY 40206
Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/eric-genuis-presents-soothe-the-soul-tickets-28731209822

Saturday, Mar 25
7:30 pm
St. Teresa of Avila
4921 Columbia Rd
Grovetown, GA
Tickets: $45/ticket, call Maura at 706-564-1743, https://www.facebook.com/Saint-Paul-Radio-374355862670/

Sunday, Mar 26
Afternoon benefit concert (private)

Tuesday, Mar 28
Morning prison concert (private)